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Tie-Strings are tools that anyone working with livestock would benefit from having! It is a well-known fact that Cowboys use tie-strings to tie down calves in the pasture for doctoring and branding. Yet, there are many other uses for these versatile tools. We use our tie-strings to tie panels together while loading cattle out of the pasture, to reinforce our trailer gates while hauling, to tie panels to the sides of our trailers, and the list goes on and on.

We offer our handmade Tie-Strings in a few different designs. We offer paracord tie-strings and nylon rope tie-strings. In addition to the two different materials we offer, we also make tie-strings with a braided back ring and a stainless steel ring. Our paracord tie-strings are able to be customized to whatever color combination you would like.


Paracord Tie-Strings with Braided Ring: $20

Paracord Tie-Strings with Stainless Steel Ring: $15


Nylon Rope Tie-Strings with Stainless Steel Ring: $10

Give us a call, send us an email or shoot us a text to order yourself or someone you love handmade 16 Cattle Company Tie Strings.

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