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heifer Calves


We keep a great selection of Brangus/Angus heifer calves available here at 16 Cattle Co. These calves are always in high demand. These are two way heifers. These calves are a great way to raise up your next set of quality replacement heifers in a very economical way. You can also raise these girls up and sell them on the gain as open, breeds, or calve them out. There’s really no wrong way to go with these girls. Call us for availability and we will get you set up. 


We try to keep a good selection of Hereford heifer calves available. These calves will weigh 200-325 pounds and will all be vaccinated and dewormed. There are many ways to go with a Hereford whether you are raising purebreds, or are using them for crossbreeding. Due to their usefulness in highly sought after F1 crosses, it is difficult for us to keep them in stock. They do not last long! Give us a call or shoot us a text and we will get you set up!


Anyone that is wanting to invest in some quality, profitable claves, that still have all the flash you want, then a set of our black white-faced heifer calves might be the choice for you. These will be two way calves, either make a profit on them or keep them in your herd! 


We try to keep a variety of brahman/brahman cross heifer calves available. These are going to make some good hardy calves that you can raise up into your own herd, or raise them up and sell them on the gain. Where we are located, good eared heifers are always in high demand, and you can’t seem to go wrong investing in a nice set of these eared heifer calves. These girls will all be dewormed, have a round of shots and be ready to be turned out. 


Our Charolais and Charolais cross heifer calves are a great choice for anyone wanting some stocker calves to grow up and sell on the gain. These calves will put on weight very well and a good Charolais cross calf will always be marketable to buyers. These calves will have a round of shots, be dewormed and ready to be turned out. They’ll usually weigh 200-325 pounds. Call for availability. 


We have some quality Beefmaster replacement heifers that we raise at 16 Cattle. These Beefmasters make for some very productive cattle that last anywhere you want to take them. If you want to raise quality calves that will put on wight fast, consider adding some Beefmaster females to your cow herd. These heifers will be yearlings and will all have two rounds of shots, dewormed, and longtime weaned. They’ll be gentle and all coming to feed.


We try and keep a nice selection of crossbred heifer calves available at all times here at 16 Cattle Co. A good group of crossbreds can be very economical to keeping an ag-exemption by using as stocker calves. Turn these girls out and then give us a call in about 8 months and we will buy them back at a higher price! Give us a call to learn more. 

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